Individual Session

Individual coaching sessions assist you in reaching peak performance when it matters most. Dr. Megan will work with you to establish goals and an individualized plan for developing a strong mindset that is helpful not only in sport, but in many areas of life. She utilizes an educational and strength-based approach to assist you in developing the knowledge and tools for enhancing mental strength and emotional regulation. Common topics addressed in sessions include anxiety, confidence, positive self-talk, injury, depression, focus, motivation, relaxation, team roles, consistency, general emotional health, mindfulness, and goal setting. One-on-one coaching is an asset for athletes at all levels looking to gain mental edge. Additionally, it is beneficial for anyone who is seeking to improve performance in their field, such as business executives, medical professionals, actors, dancers, and more.


Dr. Megan does not participate with any health insurance network. When applicable, she can provide you a receipt to submit to your insurance company for out of network reimbursement.